Urban Accents Veggie Roasters – Right In The Oven

  • February 21st, 2014
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In the doldrums of a deep winter, it can be a monotonous line of plain food. Now is the time to breathe life back into your dinner and Urban Accents is here to help with their Veggie Roasters.

Urban Accents Veg Roast 02

We carry a whole slew of Urban Accents, each more impressive than the last and the Veggie Roasters are built of the same ilk. Each pack comes with enough tested spices to roast three pounds of veggies, meaning they’ve got your side dish covered. Don’t let the idea of a side dish think that the Veggie Roasters take a back seat, their rich and paired flavors make for a compliment to a meal that is impossible to ignore. On our shelves are three of these alluring mixes: Parmesan Mediterranean – a perfect cheesy match with squash, Asian Curry & Honey – adds great sweetness and interest to root veggies, and Balsamic and Roasted Onion – wonderful on potatoes or Brussel’s Sprouts.

Pick up these three and get roasting with real taste. Love Urban Accents? Drop us a line below and tell us!

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