Our Featured Artist – Jenny Stocker

  • April 24th, 2014
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History has bestowed upon us a great many techniques of crafting impressionable art. Watercolor, oils, mixed media, sculpture, and so on – the list is as long as it is beautifully different. When our most recent featured artist previewed her work to us, we loved them; simple and elegant met with history, beauty in amazing craftsmanship. We are happy to feature the work of Jenny Stocker, now on our walls.


Her ‘Botanicals’ set brings attention to the sometimes ignored lines of flowers – light hints of color or degrees of gray make them hard to miss. Jenny is “inspired by diverse images such as those found in illuminated manuscripts, the Unicorn tapestries and the notebooks of da Vinci and Hockney.” The way her pieces are ‘framed’ and how they work inside the boundaries is a clear influence, but it’s also how she makes the pieces, making “modern botanical art using traditional printmaking techniques.” A straight-forward “palette of whites, grays, and blacks” makes for a pleasing and new look at nature. She finds subjects on her travels from “Taos hollyhocks, a passionflower climbing a wall in a Provencal town, lilies of the valley in a city park;” where after they are sketched she crafts “plates made from copper and aluminum and begin the process of inking and printing each image by hand.” So when you peer into a piece from Jenny Stocker you are pulled through the entire process of sketching, plating, and transferring each piece by hand.

We are flattered to have Jenny’s pieces on our walls and are thankful to see them while they are with us. Want to take one (or a few) home with you? All of work on our walls are for sale. Jenny Stocker’s pieces will only be up for a limited time so get in, enjoy a meal and take a gander.

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