Manna Kale Chips – Healthy Snacking Done Right

  • May 2nd, 2014
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It may come as a shock, but we’re pretty big eaters – meals, cocktails, nibbles, candies – the whole thing, and we quite enjoy ourselves a good snack. Thankfully Manna Organics has come to fit the bill ‘just so’ with their tasty Kale Chips.

Bags of Manna Kale Chips

Oh sure, kale, you might think, but let’s not mince words – Manna Kale Chips are the done exactly right. We currently carry two of their all natural kale chips: Cheese and Pizza. At first glance they seem innocuous, but their straightforwardness is their guize, a ruse to lure you into their deliciousness. Their cheese seems simple enough, with globs of yellow goodness cradled against the dried leaves, but low and behold – no actual cheese at all; cashews and nutritional yeast conspire to confuse the taste buds and allot a strong cheesy flavor along with nice saltiness and mellow turmeric. Gnaw down a whole bag in one sitting without the guilt, it’s easy (speaking from experience). The blotted flavoring brings protein and fiber to a great tasting vegan treat. In need of something with a bit more spice? Crack a bag of their Pizza, and your mouth will water – the same nuggets of love are there but arrive with friends – all of the herbs that make pizza, pizza. Wonderful snack and healthy to boot? What more could you ask for?

Pick up these two bags of snack happiness on our shelves today! Love to snack healthy? Drop us a line below – we’d love to hear form you.

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