Seka Hills – Nourished Land Makes Outstanding Olive Oil

  • May 23rd, 2014
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Among the spotted mountains and tucked inside the hallway-style of the Capay Valley, is home of Seka Hills. In the rows and rows of olive trees running from street to the foot of the pinched edged mounds, it’s hard to not lose one’s self in the sheer beauty of the land laid all around.

Seka Hills EVOOSeka Hills millIt is there too that the the story stretches far – for thousands of years, their ancestors lived in the same grasslands and forests of Capay Valley, growing a eternal bond with the land and building long-standing traditions. The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, as it’s known now, has long lived their lives along the spring waters and have preserved the legacy of their land, keeping the culture and history alive all while keeping their home in it’s natural balance. Long did their ancestors lived as caregivers of the land, and long do they intend on keeping it focused on conservation and sustainability, wholly committed to teaching respect to future generations. The tribe always focuses on good environmental stewardship, certifying 250 acres organic, using beneficial insects, cover crops and crop rotation that makes the land workable for countless generations. They are even partnered with Cache Creek Conservancy and the US Fish and Wildlife to remove invasive species that increase erosion and flooding – their land is carefully tended.

It is in that same vein of care and close watch that makes Seka Hills a truly special olive oil – not simply because their estate grown olive oil is wonderfully floral and peppery, but also because they own their own mill. It may seem simple, but in the spirit of bringing together communities and local farmers, they built up their very own mill, a hulking beast of a machine to plow through heaps of ripe california olives. The region is ideal for grape and olive growing, making a mediterranean oil analog with it’s own characteristics worth the ink. The mild winters and ultra-hot summers work together with the dry landscape to make for a super-fragrant oil, fresh cut grass yielding to pepper and fruit – a wonderful ‘everyday’ olive oil.

Pick up Seka Hills olive oil off our shelves today – a wonderfully nurtured and cared for American olive oil. Love Seka Hills? Want to tell the world? Drop us a line below, we’d love to hear from you!

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