SenTEAmental Moods – Hand-Blended Chicago Teas

  • June 9th, 2014
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Pick up a container of SenTEAmental Moods and prepare to be whirled into a delicious frenzy of teas, herbs, fresh dried veggies & fruit. Each blend is mixed to an even and stupendous concoction to craft a lively cup of hot (or cold) tea.

Senteamental Moods 01

Currently, we carry three blends from SenTEAmental, each with it’s own character and yummy profile. Their Spirit is their personal favorite, a bulky heap of herbs; a blend of chamomile, lemon balm, rose hips, strawberry leaf, papaya, mint, vanilla, passion flower, red clover, star anise, lemon grass and ginger. It’s like a party of sweet, citrus, fruit in your mouth and they’re all invited. The Chicago Passion bridges black and green tea with help of locally grown apples, passion fruit and sunflower; seemingly simple drinker makes for a simply diving iced tea. SenTEAmental Moods also crafted a popular Jump Over Puddles which pits rich sencha green tea with tomatoes and ginger to make for a surprisingly delicious pour.

Pick up these tasty creations now, available off our shelf and ready to steep right away. Love tea blends? Wish you could swim in a pool of tasty blended tea? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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