Rancho Gordo’s Cassoulet – California’s Tarbais

  • June 25th, 2014
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rancho gordo cassouletFor many, it just isn’t a cassoulet if it doesn’t contain the Tarabis bean, which can be priced $30 or more per pound when not in season. Thankfully our old pals Rancho Gordo has stepped up and began growing and selling their own “version” of the famous beans.

For the Cassoulets, everything starts with a seed from the same southwest area of France where traditional Tarabis beans are grown. It’s a regional specialty, and so to the California based Rancho Gordo, didn’t grow “real Tarabis” but still grew the perfect cassoulet beans – thus the name. The same thin skin and ability to stay whole are there. Just as with all Tarabis beans, the cassoulet beans carry a bit of the distinct California terroir. Don’t be afraid to break from their namesake; these beans are perfect for baked beans, ideal for salads, keep together in soups, or make a wonderful dish with just tomatoes and garlic. A well rounded and wonderful many-use bean.

Pick up a bag or three of Rancho Gordo’s Cassoulet from our shelf for you next traditional french dish, or delicious white bean salad. Love the beans by these lovely folks? Have a favorite Tarbabis/Cassoulet recipe? Drop us a line in the comments below!

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