An SGC Farewell – Chef Derrick

An SGC Farewell – Chef Derrick

To break character some from our blog posts – I, Jake, wanted to take a moment to say a fond farewell to our dear friend Chef Derrick on behalf of the store, here as a permanent record.

derrick over the years

Spending a weekend thinking back to the days of waiting tables, getting a stern talking to about the format of tickets, pouring over Secret Supper menus, the sly smiles and earth shattering sneezes – I doubt I would have landed where I am without his infectious passion. Food isn’t just a thing you “pound to the face” but a thing to brood over, get right, do right, and make right. Once I moved into marketing, it was his big head I saw between our facing desks and who I worked with making the menu what it is. We bounced ideas off each other, built a friendship around our love for meat, giardiniera, and handy work. Derrick has been an integral part of the restaurant for as long as I’d been in residence; he’s long been the centerpiece of the kitchen creating long lived favorites – ala brisket and gravy & pork sandwich – short but unforgettable seasonals – ala the white fish roll & ramp omelets – and making Secret Supper the intensely special dinner it is. I could easily go on, but in the spirit of Mr. Dejaynes, I’ll be short: he’ll be missed.

From me and everyone at Southport Grocery and Cafe we wish him the best.

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  1. Nanc Geoppo - September 3, 2014

    Well said!


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