Truli Julie – Crumble Under Flavor

Truli Julie – Crumble Under Flavor
  • September 11th, 2014
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When someone brings a bit of the old world into the new – it can make you rethink it’s usefulness. When the Truli Julie gang dropped off samples, we loved how they put the simple biscotti on it’s ear.

All handmade, locally in Evanston by people who love what they do and let is show in their goods. Crack a pack of Truli Julie biscotti crumbs and prepare to be cast off into adventureland, a venerable cornucopia of ideas come flooding. Mash the Chocolate Hazelnut into vanilla ice cream for little pockets of crunchy goodness, sprinkle the Peanut Butter in with your morning yogurt for the pick-me-up your tastebuds deserve, but those are just the easy ones. Dump a handful into the morning pancake mix or your grandmother’s cheesecake recipe, and explore the possibilities.

Love delicious local biscotti? Pick up a bag of Truli Julie right now off our shelves and get creative with this fantastic treat.

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