Illinois Sparkling Co – Grapes, Sweat, and Bubbly

Illinois Sparkling Co – Grapes, Sweat, and Bubbly

Recently, a couple of our team took in a day at the beloved Illinois Sparking Company winery. They were not there just to ogle the vines, eat a handful of grapes, and be on their way – nay, the duo seeked out work, to help wherever they could and get the juice flowing! Their visit in (mostly) photos.


In the rolling hills that butt against the Illinois River, at the top of one of the hills sits estate grapes, a couple of bird cannons, a creepy 25ft air-filled dancing man to keep the grapes on the vine and the animals at bay. It’s stunning peaceful and beautiful at their vineyard. Inside the seemingly simple outbuilding situated mid-hill, it gets a lot louder.


Rice hulls are dusted in with the grapes to make crushing easier. A plastic pitchfork makes for a workout push into the crusher with glinting stainless fermenters situated around the room. Pumps whirl, machines wail, water & grape must drips off most surfaces, and smiles are traded through a short afternoon.


A disgorger here, naturally cold wine caves there, concrete block and a whole bunch of green bottles make for eager taste buds. Lunch was shared, with a bottle of bubbly, which paired perfectly with our family-made subs. Our love for Illinois Sparkling was only deepened and honed by our visit. If the chance arises: make the trek, well worth to make friends with your bubbly making team.

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