Ames Farm Dandelion Honey – Hive to Jar Deliciousness

Ames Farm Dandelion Honey – Hive to Jar Deliciousness
  • September 29th, 2014
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Bottle up some of nature’s only manufactured good and you’ve got liquid gold, square up your hives around a single source of sugar, and well – then you’ve got a real thing happening. Ames Farms in Minnesota does just that and over the top.

The thing about bees is they travel, up to 1 to 5 miles just to help build their stock pile. So that means if you are trying to get one very specific plant used, you’ve got to provide enough of said plant to make it worth their while. Ames Farm has over 400 hives spread across 17 counties. That is a lot of bees and a lot of planting, focusing on varietals, pulling supers to keep the product consistent. It’s work, for sure, but the rewards speak for themselves. They are true a “hive-to-table” apiary, with each jar printed with exactly which yard and hive the contents came from; a style of labeling not often seen, especially with honey.

We’ve picked up Ames Farm’s newest honey for 2014, the Dandelion Honey, which is really delightful. It plays a nice grapefruit bitterness and citrus note that is fantastic in plain yogurt and drizzled across desserts. It’s fairly limited edition this year so you’ll want to pick up your jars and get on your way with having some super-tasty single source honey. Get Ames Farm honey, the last bit of summer treasure, now on our shelves.

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