Askinosie Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – A Spread Above the Rest

Askinosie Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – A Spread Above the Rest
  • October 1st, 2014
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We know what you’re thinking and no, it’s nearly nothing that ‘other’ chocolate hazelnut spread. This jar comes to us from the wonderful folks over at Askinosie.

This particular hazelnut spread is done in true-to-form Askinosie style – every single thing done by scratch while being mindful of their source. That means it’s not loaded with additives, thickeners, preservatives, or syrupy sweeteners. They pull hazelnuts from Holmquist Orchard in Washington state, which is crushed and blended in-house into a hazelnut butter. From there, it’s ground for days with sugar, cocoa nibs & powder, sourced from their choice farmers in the Philippines. If you are looking for perfectly delicious and domestically crafted Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – this is it, the only one. The chocolate richness of their spread doesn’t hide behind cloying sweetness, it’s lovely filled in puff pastry or drizzled on homemade doughnuts. Sometimes, well usually, we just end up plopping a clean spoon in the jar and drawing a heaping mound of this dreamy magic into our mouth. There is a good reason why it’s won a silver sofi award in 2011; just make sure to be seated when giving it a taste.

Do yourself the favor, get a jar – or seven, of Askinosie’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and make your mouth happy. Have a favorite use for your Hazelnut Spread? Can’t get enough of the sweet goodness from Askinosie? Leave a message below and we’ll cast it into the world of the internet.

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