Our Carrot Ginger Shrub – A Bit of Brightness

Our Carrot Ginger Shrub – A Bit of Brightness
  • April 24th, 2015
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We’ve been keen on the sour side of things for a while and when we came across the magic of the shrub we had to try to make a few of our own. In the summer of 2014 we pushed out a handful of shrubs as our on-tap sodas and always sold out after a short period. We knew we were on to something. In strode fall and winter and we still had a bit of that summer spirit in our hearts and the hankering for something with the acidic brightness we’ve come to love. Our preservationist whipped up something that fit both keyholes – Our Carrot Ginger Shrub.

It’s a meandering flavor combination that makes for great sippers; low earthy carrot flavors and sprinkles of acidity and ginger play along – the kind of profile that makes for easy drinking and quenching goodness. We made two kegs full for the café and bottled the rest and plowed through the kegs in no time. That means the stuff we saved for the shelf will be gone quick too. Get your bottle of our Carrot Ginger Shrub from our shelves, or get it from our online store, and start experiencing flavor.

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