Spice Heist – A Prohibition On the Average

Spice Heist – A Prohibition On the Average
  • May 8th, 2015
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After a quick name change, Spice Heist rose above and is pushing out even more delicious spice mixes to our shelves. We have carried their delicious hand-mixed spices for sausages and meats for a while, making for easy and wonderfully tasty vittles. Their rubs are no less wonderful, an easy way to pack a punch to any protein or veggies. The obvious applications include Knock Out BBQ Rub on ribs or mixed into burgers or Lemon Ginger Rub on chicken. So good, and not to be discounted, but their Blackened Rub is magic on roasted asparagus or sprinkled on tofu in veggie fried rice. Or go “nuts”, sprinkle a tiny bit of the Blackened, add sugar and make some delicious roasted snacks with a bit of a right hook.

Explore the Spice Heist’s line on our shelves and get yourself involved in a flavor spree all your own.

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