Pickled Cherry Bombs – Spicy & Versatile

Pickled Cherry Bombs – Spicy & Versatile
  • June 29th, 2015
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In the late summer, when the markets seem to reach a fever pitch, it’s right then that hot peppers make their debut. We love all kinds of local peppers, but have a special place in our hearts for the simple beauty of cherry bomb peppers. They are nicely sweet at first bite and powerful with heat when raw. When pickled though, they even out – creating a soft glow of warmth and the perfect amount of sweetness. Our pickled cherry bombs are great for a punched up boost to tacos, or chopped up and mixed into cream cheese, or taking the picking liquid for bloody mary’s. They come in handy to keep in the cupboard or fridge for those times your eggs need a little oomph or your sandwiches are feeling a bit drab. They are a favorite of staff and sure to be one of yours with one bite.

Get them in your life and start eating out of season, available on our shelves.

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