Our Horseradish Mustard – Power Through

Our Horseradish Mustard – Power Through
  • July 14th, 2015
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What happens when you put the powerfully punchy profile of horseradish with a nice spicy mustard? Take a dip in our Horseradish Mustard to find out. It’s a nice little uppercut, that much is for sure, but it’s got the flavor to back up the power. We use two types of mustard seeds – yellow and dijon – to make the best of both shine, giving it the right backbone to the lovely horseradish. We sweeten it up a bit with a touch of sugar, add a bit of umami and savoriness with Arcade Brewery‘s Dubbeltime Belgian and enough vinegar to make it spreadable. We like this mustard coated on pork tenderloin, or as a glue to get breadcrumbs to stick to your baked chicken. Smear it thin on beef sandwiches, or power through a bag of pretzels – no matter how you attack this monster it’ll make a tasty meal or snack.

Pick up your jar, or two, from our shelves – or in our mustard trio – today and get in on some strongly delicious Horseradish Mustard.

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