Our Spicy Dill Pickles – An Even Heat

Our Spicy Dill Pickles – An Even Heat
  • September 18th, 2015
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Our Spicy Dill Pickles start just like our Pickled Green Tomatoes, save for one very important distinction – our chili flakes and house-dehydrated chile de árbols. The vinegar brine heats with spices while local cucumbers are speared and get a short salt/ice bath. The jars get an added bit of spices plus one beautiful pepper per to make sure each container gets its fair share of heat and delicious pickling spices. About those spices, we use the best and most local spices we can get our hands on – be it from Terra Spice, Epic Spices, or Spice House. The spears are then drained and packed in the jars, the hot vinegar brine gets poured over, jar tops are screwed on, and the water bath processing begins. Ta-da! Delicious spicy spears.

Why have spicy pickles? Well, we didn’t have anything actually spicy on the shelves, lots of pickled goodies but nothing with the punch-up heat we were after. Our result is a nicely resonating heat that gets squelched with each bite. The pickle flavor is forward to the point of deception, up until the chile de árbols remind you what you just ate. They’re not overwrought with unbearable heat either, it’s a building manageable warmth that coats the mouth and edges you on to eat more. The pickles are perfect with a smoky sausage, in a bloody mary with roasted tomatoes, or on a thick burger.

Get a jar of your own Spicy Dill Pickles from our shelves today, and get a bit of heat on your pickle.

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