Metric Coffee – Rightly Weighted Beans

Metric Coffee – Rightly Weighted Beans
  • September 22nd, 2015
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We first heard rumblings of Metric Coffee just before their Good Food Award win. We heard about a couple of guys doing some very interesting things with beans. They were focusing on a measured hand – letting the beans do much of the walking and talking, while their roast – still a pivotal part of the process – was just another step to perfection. We kept watch, and when a few bags hit our desk recently for sampling, it just took a sip. It’s hard not to fall for Metric Coffee after tasting.

Our team knows full well what it takes to bring home a Good Food Award. The tasks of direct and responsibly sourcing ingredients – let alone from another country – and have the paper trail to prove it. Tirelessly scale mountains of work to make sure it’s done right, all the while knowing it’s worth: a resulting marvelous product. It does show fully in Metric’s end product. Take their Paradigm breakfast blend – it’s a bright mix that is nicely caramel with a meandering mix of body and acidity. The Color Wheel pulls an excellent chocolate and sweet edge that plays well with dessert, mornings, and sunrises. Looking for a bit darker pour? We carry their Fulton Street dark roast with some nice molasses and dark flavors without being wrought with acidity. Same is true for the Binary espresso blend; a lovely cherry meets cocoa profile that couples with an easy nuttiness.

It’s tireless work – loads of phone calls, emails, planning, and sourcing, and then roasting small batches, cupping, testing all to make sure it’s perfect. The proof is in the proverbial pudding – as with nearly every eatable, put your taste buds to work and experience it all. And experience you will, like an undulating open ocean – moving about through the taste profiles and overall deliciousness put forth by their team.

Hard work and focus combine to form Metric, it’s an intensely passionate pour that we have a hard time ignoring. Make their bags yours, now available on our shelves!

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