2015’s Halloween Treats – Ghoulish Goodies

2015’s Halloween Treats – Ghoulish Goodies
  • October 8th, 2015
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We love a little holiday flair here at the store and standard Halloween goodies need an update. We brought in a handful of fall and Halloween sweets just in time to snuggle close and gnaw down on when the breeze comes creeping through those single pane windows. Here then is our newest shelf nibbles for the kid in your heart:

Urban Accents Apple and mulling spice

From Urban Accents, we’ve picked up their Scary Salted Caramel Apple Kit and Witches Brew Mulling Spice Mix. The Caramel Kit comes with deliciously rich caramel and chunky sea salt for a little dressy and flavor forward that rocks our world. Witches Brew, the mulling spice mix, is a super-easy and lovely mix of fall spice favorites and can be made kid friendly or grown up. Pick both up from our shelves before they ghost away.

Veruca Chocolates Skulls and Spider Web Bars

Another local favorite, Veruca Chocolates, brought two of the coolest candies we’d seen in a while. One is packs of hand-painted caramel filled chocolate skulls in a myriad of colors – almost too beautiful to eat… almost. The other are the Spider Bars and come in a three-pack of hauntingly delicious chocolate: 1 dark with cacao nibs plus sea salt, a milk chocolate version containing “pop-rocks”-like candy & crunchy flakes and finally an astonishing milk chocolate version. What is not to love about spooky spider chocolate bars and nibble-able skulls?

Conversation Candy

We pulled together some of our favorite Halloween conversation candies – little brains, Dracula’s teeth, some bones, and miscellaneous creepy candy shapes. They’re perfect for cute little gifts, for tacking onto a bottle of wine, or hoarding a bunch for yourself!

Dough Dough Bird Halloween

Local gingerbread masters, Dough Dough Bird dropped some absolutely adorable, and may we mention delicious, mini gingerbread cookies. We carry the pumpkin and ghost packs, don’t let the cuteness fool you – they and soft, so luscious, and eating just a couple instead of the whole box is a struggle.

Fat Toad Farm Caramel Apple Kit

If a bit different caramel apple experience you seek, look no further than the magical Fat Toad Farm Goat Milk Caramel Apple Kit. It’s got that grassy lovely richness that Fat Toad Farm is known and has won awards for. It’s a little bit of a grown-up flavor for those seeking something slightly more sophisticated.

Stop in and get your grownup Halloween goodies before they are all gone! Don’t worry, you don’t have to “pick just one”.

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