Jacobsen Salty Honey Nut Chews – Chomp Together

Jacobsen Salty Honey Nut Chews – Chomp Together
  • October 30th, 2015
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We’re long fans of the wonder that is Jacobsen Salt, pulling salt water from a spotless park in the middle of the Oregon coast and spreading their cheer with tasty crystalline chunky salt goodness. When they sent over some of their Salty Honey Nut Chews, it was hard to say no to something so good.

First the history – they partnered with the very decent people at Bee Local – an apiary focused on happy & healthy bees. It’s a partnership we’re glad to have happened, the candies are stupendous. Rich honey flavor with the right amount of salty pull that makes the honey and sweetness shine in a way that it couldn’t do without. A perfect smattering of peanut pieces make all your troubles melt away. Toothsome candies that you can’t help but salivate over, the perfect partnership of two talented food companies. Get your box of Jacobsen Salt’s Honey Nut Chews from our shelves now and get chewing!

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