Clancy’s Fancy – Three Levels of Heat

Clancy’s Fancy – Three Levels of Heat
  • November 17th, 2015
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Ann Arbor has been a long-standing bastion of locally produced goods, supporting loads of products and names that are now synonymous with small batch foods across the country. It isn’t much surprise then that Clancy’s Fancy found their start in such an incubator city, to grow and utilize the fervor for supporting small businesses like theirs – let alone for ones that make such outrageously delicious hot sauces.

Clancy’s Fancy Hot sauces come in three levels – all of which bursting with a generous amount of flavor, meaning inside the seemingly innocuous medicinal bottles comes an ever-increasing amount of gusto. ‘Mild’ is simple but packing the kind of character you want on your hangover eggs, ‘Hot’ is a fairly traditional hot sauce with heat in bounds going great on pizza, ‘Xtra Hot’ is real hot – perfect on tacos or punching up your General Tso. Here at Southport Grocery and Cafe we carry all three, ready for any adventure.

Pick up one of each and get dousing your feast with a bit of warmth from Clancy’s Fancy hot sauce.

Love Clancy’s Fancy – want to tell the world? Have the next great use for your hot sauce? Put a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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