Tea Pigs – Tea Lovers in Hog Heaven

Tea Pigs – Tea Lovers in Hog Heaven
  • December 28th, 2015
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It started with tea, tea at one of those huge, really big tea companies. Where two people got to talking about quality and their addiction to mugs of the good stuff. Something clicked, they knew going smaller and dealing directly with the estates was the best way forward, crafting truely unique teas. They are like truffle pigs, keeping their nose to the ground looking for the best possible ingredients, the highest quality things to make the best tea possible – that and they seemingly gorge themselves on tea – hence: Tea Pigs.
teapigs bagged tea

They find the best and never waver on quality – this is shown in the wonderfully focused and first-rate flavors beautifully crafted up by the Tea Pigs team. For the bagged teas, we carry four flavors ripe for the dipping. The Apple & Cinnamon is, simply put, drinking apple pie; it’s moderately spiced to match the profile found in the fall favorite. Mulled wine, snuggling, and the fireplace roaring is your thing? Tea Pig’s Spiced Winter Red is your go-to, warming up is easy with a cup of this in toe – add milk for a bit of richness or brandy to thoroughly warm yourself. For a bit of sweet goodness, their Chocolate Flake tea is something to behold – a grown up hot chocolate flavor becomes even more so when heavy cream is added. For a bit of twist on the long-time favorite of Chai, they added some chilli flake for some fizzle – perfect for the long dark days of winter or chilled and drank in the summer sun.
teapigs matcha

We also carry Tea Pig Organic Matcha, which comes in an innocuous little tin. A glass a day is how it’s best enjoyed, and this size has enough for thirty days. For those unintroduced to matcha, it’s the hand-picked whole leaf of a shade-grown tea leaf ground into a powder. When making the tea – it isn’t soaked and dumped, but blended/whisked into the juice/water/milk, so all of the leaves go in. The flavor is like a massive punch of green tea, but with juice or milk it’s more mellow, so it’s accessible to all pallets.

Tea Pigs does it right, both in the flavor department with help from their official tea taster and social consciences; working directly with the Rainforest Alliance, certified FSC packaging, the work done in Rwanda, and the estates the company is tied to around the world. Do your taste buds a solid and pick up a few of Tea Pig’s teas, they’re sure to warm you to the core.

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