Frittle ain’t your Grandma’s Brittle

Frittle ain’t your Grandma’s Brittle
  • February 17th, 2016
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Frittle reminds us of the inside of a Butterfinger except it’s SO much better! It also happens to be gluten free and vegan so it’ll make just about everyone happy.

As always, we try to source our ingredients and grocery products as locally as possible, so we were delighted to come across this incredible peanut brittle style candy from our neighboring state of Indiana. Our founder Lisa met Frittle’s creator Carrie at Dose Market here in Chicago and the rest is history… 🙂

Carrie specializes in making “updated Grandma candies” to give us a sweet blast from the past. This yummy treat is like a combination of peanut brittle and fudge, with a beautifully soft but yet crisp texture.  Frittle makes a great sweet treat on it’s own but you could crumble it over ice cream or even bake it into cookies to give a sweet, nutty twist to your favorite baked good.

Original and Coconut Frittle are available on our grocery shelves now – get your nostalgic candy fix today!

4oz package is $6.75

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