Top Note Concentrates – give your drinks a complex twist!

Top Note Concentrates – give your drinks a complex twist!
  • March 1st, 2016
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Getting tired of your regular cocktail rotation? Well then you have to check out Top Note’s range of “notably complex” concentrates and mixers. We get tired of the regular old boring mimosa with our brunch (let’s face it – who doesn’t?), so we mixed things up with the Bitter Orange concentrate to create an Old Fashioned Mimosa which really hits the spot. It’s simply champagne, bourbon and orange juice and then Top Note’s Bitter Orange takes it to a whole new level of epicness. It might just be our favorite drink on the cafe menu!

Top Note is made by LA Pavia Beverages, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Each concentrate is made with whole herbs and spices, with no preservatives in sight. Their founder saw a gap in the market for balanced, yet mixable tonic concentrates that weren’t loaded with artificial colors, preservatives and high fructose corn sugar and used her background in botany and craft beer to come up with these deliciously complex tonics.

Since they’re concentrated, you only need to use 1fl.oz for each drink you’re making, so a bottle is approximately 10 servings.

We currently stock 3 varieties of Top Note mixers:

Indian Tonic

This tonic concentrate is created using cinchona bark to provide a natural source of quinine. It has beautiful notes of kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass that pair perfectly with gin.

Bitter Orange

Like we mentioned above, this flavor works great in a old fashioned mimosa but it’s also perfect for an Italian soda, as part of an apertivo or any cocktail that needs a citrus boost.

Ginger Beer

Create your own ginger beer by combining this flavor with soda water. Or make a great Moscow mule. So many possibilities!


10fl.oz bottles are $9.95

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