Rancho Gordo Shelf Update

Rancho Gordo Shelf Update
  • August 3rd, 2016
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Rancho Gordo, based in Napa, California, grow heirloom variety beans that are indigenous to the Americas. These tasty legumes are also grown in limited quantities to ensure quality and most importantly, freshness.

We carry a whole range of their beans and just added a new type of bean and also hominy:

Yellow Indian Woman – these beans have an addictive creaminess that’s not typically found in your average legume. They hold their shape really nicely when you cook them so they’re firm, yet creamy, making them perfect in soups, stews and also salads. Rancho Gordo’s website offers an incredible looking recipe for “pork, pork, pork & beans” using this variety. Then of course there is the fact that beans are good for you! They’re high in fiber and also a low-fat source of folate, iron, and protein.

Prepared Hominy – ready to cook, all you have to do is soak and simmer, then it’s ready to use as you would with the canned version. The difference here is that the texture and flavor is so much better! Once again, they have plenty of recipes on their site, including one for warm hominy salad or Achiote Chicken with Posole.

We’re the only suppliers of Rancho Gordo products in Chicago, so get your fix and stock up your pantry today!

1lb bags are $6.95

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