People of Southport: Noemi

People of Southport: Noemi
  • August 22nd, 2016
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She might be tiny, but she’s got a huge personality. That’s Noemi, our Kitchen Manager, who has been at Southport for 7 years now. She’s got three boys at home and takes care of everyone here at Southport too: always helping people out, making the staff laugh and making sure we get something tasty to eat. If Noemi sees you making yourself a sandwich, she’ll suddenly appear by your side and slip in some extra ingredients that she thinks will make it tastier!

If you’ve tried the brisket here at Southport, then you know just how good of a cook Noemi is. It’s one of the slowest processes in our kitchen but she works tirelessly to make sure the brisket is perfectly seasoned, smoked and then slow roasted to perfection. We think it’s one of the tastiest things on the menu. She also makes our sausage, chorizo and the majority of our soups, all from scratch. She has super human strength, carrying huge containers of soup around as if they weigh nothing! Along with Tanner, she makes sure everything is running smoothly in the kitchen so that we can make awesome food for our customers.

She loves working at Southport because she feels at home here: between the people she’s known for years and the fact that she knows the kitchen so well she could find everything with her eyes closed. Playing around with flavors is something she enjoys, but working hard to make food that people enjoy is really what it’s all about for her.

At home, Noemi loves to cook with her boys, teaching them new recipes all the time. They’ve mastered lasagne, tacos and even tiramisu. Her favorite Southport preserve is Strawberry & Rhubarb.

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