People of Southport: Chris

People of Southport: Chris
  • September 27th, 2016
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Chris is another fairly long term employee  – he’s been at Southport for over 4 years. With his extensive knowledge of how everything works here, he’s an indispensable force when it comes to getting things done and moving heavy things (thanks Chris!). He loves our fast paced environment since hustling comes naturally to him and being done with work by 4:30 each day is a big plus, since he can still catch a White Sox game! He’s the coworker who will jump out from behind corners and play all sorts of pranks on you, but somehow you still like him.

His menu favorites are the Cuban Sandwich, the Brisket & Gravy and the Southern Omelet, all dishes that rely heavily on our preserves and other house made ingredients. “I think it’s really cool that we go out of our way to make so many things from scratch, without sacrificing quality elsewhere.” The pickled cherry bombs are his preserve of choice since you can use them on anything. He’s also a big fan of our current beer selection from Moody Tongue – it is from the South Side after all!

With a degree in Advertising & Design, graphic design and art direction are what he hopes to pursue long term. Right now he does plenty of freelance work, like designing logos and creating web mock ups, and he even helped us out with our label redesign last year.

Chris loves cooking, going out to eat, traveling, going to Bears & White Sox games and a good hike with his dog Franklin. Chris even helped break a world record last week by bringing Franklin to his first White Sox game, which had over 1000 dogs in the crowd, winning a certificate for “most dogs attending a sports event.” He also combined two of his favorite past times on a trip to Mexico this Summer by visiting Pujol, Enrique Olvera’s restaurant, recently featured on Chef’s Table, the popular Netflix show. “I loved that it was true to Mexican street food, but much more delicate. And you can’t beat 1023 day mole.”


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