People of Southport: Pedro

People of Southport: Pedro
  • October 18th, 2016
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Pedro is a rock star. He’s one of those people who is always just helping out with everything, no matter what it is. His role is crucial in our kitchen – he cleans, washes dishes and organizes all of our food deliveries as they arrive. This is a key component of reducing our food waste since it’s so important to keep track of what we have and organize produce by the order it came in. He’s been here almost 5 years now and he knows where absolutely everything is kept, so he’s kind of like a guide to the building! Pedro knows the whole operation and staff so well that he feels really at home: “It’s a very friendly place to work and I’ve made lots of friends here.”

Pedro always recommends the Cuban sandwich to anyone that’s looking for a delicious meal. When he’s cooking for himself at home, he’s more of a soup guy, but he loves baking too, especially recipes from his home country of Guatemala.

He really enjoys living in Chicago; being right by the lake and seeing all great architecture is the best part. He loves visiting the Field Museum and generally just spending time outside and in all the great parks.




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