Jacobsen Salt Sampler – Salt Lovers Rejoice!

Jacobsen Salt Sampler – Salt Lovers Rejoice!
  • November 11th, 2016
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This time of year is always so busy with dinner parties and events that it’s good to have a few go-to hostess gifts in mind. Anyone who is interested in food and cooking will love this infused salt set from Jacobsen Salt Co.  It’s the kind of set you’ll want to buy for yourself too, since it’s a great way to try a range of flavors. It’s one of their best selling items for a reason! Wouldn’t this make a great stocking stuffer?

This perfectly packaged set includes: Pure Flake Finishing Salt, Lemon Zest Salt, Vanilla Bean Salt, Stumptown Coffee Salt, Smoked Salt and Smoked Ghost Chili Salt. The pure salt crystals are gathered straight from Oregon’s cold waters using traditional methods and then infused with amazing flavors.

You might be thinking “what on earth would I do with a vanilla bean salt?” Thankfully Jacobsen saw these questions coming – they’ve included pairings and serving suggestions on the box. For the vanilla salt in particular, they suggest using it to finish cookies, caramels and ice cream, or you can pair it with seared scallops or fresh stone fruit for an amazing flavor combination.

Great salt can make any dish sing. Grab your set today!

Set of 6 salts is $19.95


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