Deck the Halls 2016 – Local Art for the Holidays

Deck the Halls 2016 – Local Art for the Holidays
  • November 28th, 2016
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Deck the Halls is live! Our walls are adorned with tons of local art, all in the $40-140 price range. Perfect for gifts or getting yourself something to brighten a wall. Read more about this year’s artists:

Laura Engel is a self-taught artist with an ever changing palette featuring bold vibrant colors and a myriad of textures. In recent years she has become a bit unorthodox in her approach and will often forgo paint brushes for non-traditional instruments such as dental tools, screwdrivers, nails and even hypodermic needles to apply paint, ink and even colored resin and marine grade polymers on nearly any surface. Read more here.

Suzanne Sahakian is a fine art photographer who splits her time between Evanston, Illinois and Tucson, Arizona. Her photos stand out as colorful and vibrant statements of everyday life, optimistic and compelling. She shoots urban scenes, flora and natural landscapes. Read more here.

Brian Horan is a Chicago native and loves shooting the old signs and architecture around the city. The main body of his work consists of photos taken in color which then have most of the color eliminated digitally, except for one focal point, which gives the photo a hand painted look. Read more here.



Wes Lee K is a modern landscape / dreamscape painter who at times also branches off into other forms of oil (and acrylic) painting, including portraits, abstracts, and murals. Diversity in his art is part of his passion. Born in Chicago and currently living in Bartlett, IL, he is enamored with both art and music. Read more here.

Jenny Stocker: Inspired by diverse images such as those found in illuminated manuscripts, the Unicorn tapestries and the notebooks of da Vinci and Hockney, Jenny creates modern botanical art using traditional printmaking techniques. Using a limited palette of whites, grays, and blacks, she imbues each plant with a distinct personality…strong, delicate, proud, shy. Read more here.

Brett Whitacre painstakingly stencils then uses spray paint on glass, because he loves the crispness of the finish. Using any surface, from old storm windows to suitcases, Whitacre creates pop art with a sensibility that’s less “What does it all mean?”, and more “Hey, isn’t that Burt Reynolds?!” Read more here.



Adrienne Storrs uses paint to explore the physical world through prominent textures and vibrant colors. She approaches art from a child-like perspective, using her fingers and palette knives to construct her pieces. Read more here.

Joseph Cyganowski: With a career spanning 35 years of photojournalism, for media companies in and around the Chicago area, Joseph has photographed just about everything you can imagine: fast action, breaking news, sports & travel. Read more here.





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