Small Batch Pancake Mix from Long Table

Small Batch Pancake Mix from Long Table

Believe it or not, we can be tempted by pancakes other than our own, especially when they’re delicious and made with amazing, high quality ingredients. That’s what Long Table’s mixes are all about. Their easy-to-whip-up pancakes will actually keep you full until lunch.

We recently met with founder and owner Sam, and we loved his story: essentially he’s a pancake nerd. Years ago, he happened to find a griddle on his building’s fire escape, so he cleaned it up and started putting it to use. Since Sam and his wife are actors, they were never free for dinner dates, so breakfast became their time to connect over a meal. Eventually he was making pancakes 4-5 times a week and tweaking his recipes until they were perfect. Cue excellent pancakes. People kept telling Sam that his carefully crafted cakes were to die for, so it was only a matter of time before he started packaging his mixes. We’re so glad he did! Together with his Mom, the mixes are handpacked here in Chicago.

Everything is made in small batches using locally sourced ingredients. All but a few grains are grown right here in the Midwest. Right now there are two options to choose from:

White Knight Oat, almond, popcorn and poppy seed. Sam makes his own “popcorn flour” by popping corn and then grinding it down in a home made mill, giving the pancakes a lovely fluffiness. They’re perfect on their own or with a little butter to bring out that buttery corn flavor.

Windy Point – Rye, hazelnut, blue corn and buckwheat make this mix a lot darker & earthier. They’re perfect with some maple syrup to balance out those deeper flavors.


Ever since we made the White Knight pancakes last weekend, we’ve been dreaming about having them for dinner all week! Get out and buy a bag while they’re still on the shelves!


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