People of Southport: Eric

People of Southport: Eric
  • March 13th, 2017
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Meet Eric, our line cook. He was drawn to Southport Grocery when he read about our use of seasonal foods and our in house preservation program. He also loves breakfast food, so figured it was a no-brainer to apply here. His friends call him “two plates” since he used to always order two entrees when he went out to brunch. Now that he’s engaged, a third plate his been added to the mix, since he shares with his lovely wife to be!

Watching PBS cooking shows as a kid got him inspired to pursue culinary school. That and the desire to make food taste better! He has lots of corporate cooking experience but he prefers the friendly environment of a small business like Southport, along with the creativity that our kitchen encourages. He’s worked on Secret Supper three times now, with his favorite dish being the butternut squash ravioli he made from scratch with Tanner. He enjoys tossing ideas around, crafting the menu carefully and then seeing each dish come to fruition on the night. The February Secret Supper menu included Porchetta, which blew Eric’s mind when he first tried it on vacation in Italy years ago, so he loved having the chance to recreate the dish at work.

Eric is from Chicago and has yet to leave because he loves this city. “There’s something for everyone here: all the different neighborhoods have so much to offer.” When he’s not at work, you’ll probably find him exploring all those neighborhoods, playing games with friends, watching b movies, playing frisbee with his dog or trying out new beers. He’s the Southport kitchen’s comic relief and his favorite game is to ask a million questions.

He loves our fruit preserves and creates his own version of our breakfast sandwich with rhubarb or strawberry preserves and goat cheese. His menu favorites are the Chorizo & Eggs or the Breakfast Salad. When asked what his favorite grocery product is, he decided upon Swedish Fish.

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