New Jars on the Shelves

New Jars on the Shelves
  • March 23rd, 2017
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NEW: Spicy Brown Mustard

We wanted to create something a little different for our mustard department and this was the result. It’s very spicy so great for true mustard fans that enjoy the zing. It’s got a little cider in there to mellow things out too. As always, we try to source our ingredients as locally as possible, and the black mustard seeds in this one actually come from Patel Brother’s on Devon. Since it’s on the strong & spicy side, it’ll be great as an ingredient in recipes e.g in potato salad, dijonnaise, etc or for the hard core mustard fans, slather it on a brat.

NEW: Orange Bourbon Marmalade

Who says you can’t have bourbon for breakfast? If you’ve had our Old Fashioned Mimosa in the restaurant, this preserve will be a similar flavor profile! Delicious orange marmalade with a boost of Bulleit bourbon that will quickly become your favorite condiment. Eat it on toast, biscuits or scones. Shake it with your favorite whiskey and ice to create an amazing cocktail. Use it to glaze ham or even chicken wings for a sticky, delicious finish. Create your own unique version of a Hot Toddy. Add it to your oatmeal when you’re feeling naughty.

Back in Stock: Pink Grapefruit Marmalade

This unusual marmalade is back after a bit of a hiatus. We source all the citrus from Florida and it’s always exciting to see beautiful fresh produce arrive in the middle of cold Winter days here. We add pink peppercorn to give the marmalade a little hint of warmth at the end, but it’s definitely not a savory or spicy flavor. If you love grapefruit, then you’re sure to love this preserve. It’s much less bitter than a typical orange marmalade and is rounded out by nice floral notes from the meyer lemon. It’s great on toast, makes a fantastic garnish, will make your salad dressing more interesting and will also be a great addition to cocktails. We can see it working great in some variation of an Aperol Spritz.


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