Bee Pollen – what’s the big deal?

Bee Pollen – what’s the big deal?

Ever tried bee pollen before? It’s said to be incredibly nutrient dense, packed with protein & it tastes great too. The pollen is gathered by hardworking honeybees, with it taking each bee a whole month of 8 hour days to create one teaspoon’s worth. That’s a whole lot of labor!

Here are some benefits of bee pollen that we’ve read about: gives you energy, soothes the skin, can help relieve allergies, aids digestion, boosts the immune system and much more. Some bloggers claim that it’s made their skin “glow.”

Health benefits aside, we really like how it tastes – we even used it to garnish a lemon curd cake at our Secret Supper event last week. Try it on yogurt & smoothies or add it to your raw desserts.

We have a whole range of honey from East Troy Honey, so check them out while you’re here. The company owners only happened to get started in the bee keeping world when they moved to the countryside and tried to grow fruit trees which just wouldn’t yield anything. Eventually they heard about the lack of bees in their area and decided to set up a hive of their own to promote pollination. The bees did their job and low and behold, they had hundreds of peaches the following year. Now they have over 80 hives and produce lots of delicious honey, as well as offering their pollination services to farmers to help improve crop yields.

Jar is $10.75

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