Fillo’s Sofrito Beans – Delicious Beans Ready to Go!

Fillo’s Sofrito Beans – Delicious Beans Ready to Go!
  • April 27th, 2017
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Love beans? Then you’ll love this tasty and convenient new addition to our grocery: Fillo’s Sofrito Beans. Sofrito is a mix of aromatic vegetables, herbs and spices cooked slowly in olive oil, often used as a base in Latin American cooking. It really makes the beans sing.

We have the following 3 types:

Creamy mayocoba beans with Mexican ancho & epazote

Tender black beans with Cuban green sofrito

Jumbo garbanzo beans with Panamanian red sofrito

They’re all made in the USA, non GMO, free of preservatives and are of course vegetarian. Cook on the stove top for just a few minutes until hot, or pop them in the microwave for 60 seconds and BOOM you’ve got delicious, ready to eat beans. Serve them with rice and veggies for a filling main course, serve them as a side or even as a dip. When we tried them here at Southport Grocery, we literally just heated them up and ate them with tortilla chips and couldn’t believe how tasty and satisfying it was. I’ve been wanting to make Southern style corn cakes for brunch for ages, so I made an easy version by pouring the mayocoba beans over Long Table White Knight pancakes, with a little grated cheese on top.  It was delicious and super easy to whip together! There are some other serving suggestions and recipes on their website, including an easy brunch idea and fancier garnished beans.

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