Co-Op hot sauce, a helping of heat

CoOp hot sauce is not just hot sauce but hot sauce on a mission.

What mission? Why this hot sauce?

We found hot sauce that doesn’t just bill it self as hot sauce but also a help to the community. Co-Op Hot Sauce is truly special hot sauce from a group of hard working kids. Co-Op Image, the organization behind the hot sauce,

creates public arts education programs with youth of communities in need. Through collaboration between Chicago area artists and youth, Co-op Image strives to strengthen community through multimedia arts education.

We love our community and our city, so we are proud to carry this on our shelves and in our cafe. Not only is it a great help to young artists but it the veges are grown in Co-Op’s own garden, harvested by Co-Op’s students, and cooked by Co-Op’s budding chefs. Local, community based, and delicious; the perfect combo.

So who leads this group?

Mike Bancroft, a hot sauce master with a heart of gold. The leading force behind Co-Op image.

What about the Sauce?

Flavor is abound with the sauces. Co-Op comes in three flavors: Original (chipotle), Jalapeno, or Habanero.  Each with it’s own distinctive flavors and textures. Co-Op’s Original isn’t watery and only sticks to the plate or a gloppy mess – it is the ideal hot sauce consistency for eggs.  Perfect for those who want just a tiny bit of kick with a sweet tang – not too hot, and definitely not bland.  If you are used to other hot sauces that lend themselves to being a bit more traditional there is the Jalapano- a favorite of our regulars.  It is a quick heat, nice and perfect to add on a burger or pizza with chunks of mashed up veges and peppers. Then there is the Habanero. Low heat to start with and a strong taste of carrots, but it kicks to high gear after a couple of seconds – not for the faint of heat.

Where Can I get it?

Pick up a bottle here, at Southport Grocery, for you or someone who loves hot sauce and give back to a great local cause.

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