Gary Poppins – Magically Delightful Popcorn

Garry Poppins is gourmet Popcorn made right here in Chicago with the best ingredients they could lay their hands on.

Oooo, I love popcorn! I usually get mine out of microwave bags though.

You’ve never had popcorn this good. Gary Poppins is some of the best popped-corn we’ve had, and thankfully it’s made right here in our very city – so we don’t have to go far to get our fix. It’s unbeatable popcorn and all without the fear of ‘popcorn lung.’ There is something about their kettle corn that has us hitting the bottom of the bag before we know it. The cheese popcorn isn’t too heavy or too light, it’s the perfect coating over each popped kernel. Gary Poppins Caramel is like taking setting sail on a long and sweet vacation, rich and smooth. We love them all!

Who is this popcorn alchemist?

Gary, a man who has loved popcorn all his life, going to the movie theater only to focus on the popcorn and not caring much about the movie! His father was a baker and influenced him to go to culinary school – and even on to the Culinary Institute of America to hone his skills and sharpen his palate. After school he wanted to explore his love of popcorn with his new knowledge of food. Fighting through the torrents of possible seeds, cooking differences, and ingredients – he came upon what is now ‘Gary Poppins’.

Gourmet popcorn? This has to only be for dinner parties…

We love to snack on Gary Poppins any time. It’s sweet, crunchy, buttery, everything you could want from a snack – the perfect fancy morsel to put out for any event. That is the best part about gourmet popcorn – it can dress up or down, from tuxedos to sweatpants it always fits in.

So where can I get my mitts on a bag?

On our shelves! If we don’t have or carry a flavor you want, let us know – we can always order more! Don’t forget, we ship too. Pick up a bag and take it with you while you walk around Chicago, or grab one for movie night at home – these munchies are a ‘must try’.

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