O-MED Olive Oil – Cold pressed goodness

O-MED Olive Oil is fresh and rich tasting olive oil and we can’t get enough.

How is this different than the stuff at big box stores?

A lot of ways. Lets start with the process of picking – O-MED hand picks all of their olives from their own trees in spesific micro-climate sections of Spain. Picking by hand reduces bruises and allows picking only the perfect olives without over-ripened or under-ripened olives – for a cleaner taste and a better quality of olive oil. Before being processed, the olives are separated into their respective farms to keep single origin and blends separate and pure. From there the olives are beat then milled into a homogenous paste where the oil can be cleanly extracted in a three step centrifuge. What these do, what all of these small steps do, is create a cleaner better olive oil. The flavor of O-MED olive oil is much stronger and frankly better than nearly any olive oil at big box stores. They are also contained in a tin, blocking out sun – which degrades olive oil.

Who makes the olive oil?

The good folks at O-MED and their well trained staff, from pickers to quality controllers they produce some of the best olive oil we’ve had. They have a passion for the making the finest quality oil; they care about the food they make and with that kind of heart it is hard to ignore.

When should I use it?

Anytime, as a finishing oil or to roast with – though keep in mind that with finer olive oils, a little goes a long way. The flavors in O-MED are clean, but strong enough that a small amount is plenty. Cook up your radishes, drizzle on asparagus, dip some bread in it, it’s good no matter how you use it. These rich olive oils are strong in flavor and in character – they’ll be your go-to olive oil and won’t let you down.

Where to can I get O-MED?

Get it here, at Southport Grocery and Cafe. We carry both Selection and Arbequina – each fantastic in their own right. Running low, or want us to put some aside for you? Give us a call, we’d be happy to help.

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