Get your (private) party on at Southport Grocery

Searching for a place to have your next party? Tired of mashing ever-stranger Google searches? Trying to find that right place with a cozy feeling and great food? Don’t close down a restaurant for the night, open one up for dinner: like ours!

Thats right, we do private parties right here in the heart of Chicago. Shock and awe? Yeah, it happens. We here at Southport Grocery have the unique ability of opening our doors for private parties after normal store hours; this means no back ‘private party’ rooms or paying a huge premium on shutting a place down. You and your guests can sit (or stand) in the comfort of our grocery and cafe, without a worry in the world.

Get some locally grown food into your wedding guests for a rehearsal dinner, wow your friend on their birthday with a restaurant full of friends and butt-kicking-good food.  Want to have a real foodie dinner for your family, no matter what you are celebrating? We can help.

We won’t force you into breakfast, don’t worry!  We really enjoy doing dinners, but if you want breakfast for dinner, we can arrange that too. As far as building a menu goes, we can do anything. If you have something in mind already, we can work with you, and if you have no clue, we can help.  Even if you don’t want to deal with it at all and you want a surprise walking in, like our Secret Supper, we can do that. For private parties we can arrange a full sit-down dinner or passed hors d’oeuvre r. You can even have something in-between, the cafe is your oyster.

So if you are looking now or in the not-so-distant future, think of a local favorite for your private party – us!

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  1. Katie Snellenbarger - October 13, 2013

    Hi there!
    I am planning a double celebrating for myself: my 31st birthday AND surviving non-hodgkins lymphoma this summer and fall and I am ready to celebrate 🙂 I am inviting around 100 people but expect closer to 60ish. I’m hoping to have it on December 14th, and offer appetizers and drinks and music. Please let me know about costs and options for this event, I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

    Katie Snellenbarger


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