Tate’s Bake Shop – Cookies to write home about

If you are from out east or even have gone there for longer than a few days, maybe less, you know Tate’s. If you don’t you have missed some special cookies.

Cookies? I’ve had cookies.

Yeah, but not like these. There is something special about their ‘Chipless Wonder’ cookies that makes us wonder if they are just a happy accident.

Sugar cookies are great, but what if you want a chocolate chip cookie without the chocolate chips? There are those times, sure. But they will suddenly bubble up between your chocolate fits, and where to go? The cupboard, back to the bag of ‘Chipless Wonder.’ But what about the other kinds? When the call of chocolate is too strong and the only cure is some of the hazel goodness? Pick up a bag of the Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, or Chocolate Chip Walnut. We love the Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate because of the rich chocolate flavor mixing with the hearty wheat – a fantastic cookie overall. Speaking of overall fantasticness you’d do well to check out all the flavors, each better than the last no matter where you start. These cookies  So pick up a bag and get to gnawing on something tasty.

What about the baker?

It all started with Kathleen when she baked cookies for her family’s farm stand. Over time the cookies became a real hit and she grew the company to where it is now, a store front in Southampton and her cookies spread far and wide even landing on our shelves here at Southport Grocery. A long history of making amazing cookies, and the proof is in the bag.

Need them now, where?

Right here on our shelves. We carry a wide range of flavors of Tate’s cookies, it changes every so often so if you are looking for a type or a particular cookie, let us know. Low on Chocolate Chip Walnut? We can always order some and call you when they come in. Don’t skip over these cookies, if you have already – you don’t know what your missing.

  1. Lisa - October 28, 2013

    Do you still carry Tate’s Chocolate Chip cookies?

    • jake - October 29, 2013

      Hey Lisa! Thanks for reaching out. We don’t have the plain chocolate chip at the moment, but we do have chocolate with chocolate chip, wheat with dark chocolate chip, and their chipless wonder.


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