Al Dente Pasta, Land & Sea – Two Worlds Unite

There are few pastas as beautiful as Land and Sea from Al Dente. Thin stripes of black and white bustle in a bag just waiting to be eaten. But this bag of local pasta has more to it than beauty – it also tastes phenomenal. We think it tastes great with just some olive oil and a quick cooking, or in a pasta salad with bright tomatoes and thick cuts of some kind of cured meat.

The idea for this organic pasta stems from an inspirational sea side visit by owner Monique. Between caws of seagulls and water splashing ashore, a light bulb went off. She bridge the two flavors, combining squid ink (sea) for the dark black noodles and eggs (land) for the light yellow. Tastes that bring out what is love about the coasts, fresh salty flavor and earthiness. Pick up a bag for an anniversary dinner, or turn an “everyday” dinner into a special evening.

Get a taste for this famous (and local) pasta it’s sure to do some inspiring of it’s own.

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