Project 7 – Gum & Mint with heart

Buying a pack of gum or a stack of mints is one of those things you pick up on your way out. But we’ve put a conscience effort into the gum and mints that we have chosen, and Project 7 is the perfect example of why.

Project 7 is the culmination of philanthropy and impulse buying – two things, as Americans, we cannot do without. We love to help whenever we can and we love our little take away items at the check out. This is where Project 7 comes in. For every purchase of gum or mints (available at our check out) – a percent is given to the respective charities.

We chose the ones closet to SPG’s heart: Save – that gives money to ‘green’ charities, Quench – gives to those organizations that help bring potable water to the world, and Feed – which give to food charities.x

Grab a pack of gum or a vile of mints at our checkout, they’ll freshen your breath and your karma.


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  1. Lindsey Nobles - March 15, 2012

    Appreciate you guys!


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