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Starting from the rolling wine country hills of Italy and ending up back stateside with the overwhelming amount of knowledge picked up from working tirelessly in the dirt and land, ( or terroir)  Lee Greene fell in love, with place.  This passion was germinated, cultivated in her to create food products that carry the weight of where they are from, their terroir. To represent what it means to be pasta from a small grower in Italy, or a beef or tomato farmer – profiling each of them on the Scrumptious Pantry website, labels to obscure who crafted part of your meal.

There is no hiding  from the farmers, the growers, or producers – they have their face slapped right on the front – sometimes dwarfing the Scrumptious Pantry logo. But it only proves what is important here: those who create these amazing products.

We, at Southport Grocery could spot this passion, pride, and of course as well as loved the way it tastes. The Durum Wheat Pasta is dense but not grainy like many 100% wheat pastas – this can go with nearly any pasta sauce and not overpower but compliment. Speaking of compliment – the Heirloom Tomato Sauce with Beef is a five-hour simmered, spiced with a delicate hand, and beefy masterpiece, that has us coming back for more.

Pick these up off our shelf today and take home a piece of land, passion, and above all fantastic tasting artisan work.


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  1. Lee - The Scrumptious Pantry - June 13, 2012

    Oh, THANK YOU, dear Southport Grocery Team, for this great piece on our work. We appreciate your support so very much!

    Best Lee


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