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East Troy HoneyJust about smack dab in the middle of I-43, between Beloit and Milwaukee with an area dotted with lakes, and even the aptly named Honey River, East Troy nuzzles against a bend in the highway. But it all started in the city, where William Palmer and family wanted to move away from the hustle and bustle to a small farm, East Troy was where they landed. There rows of fruit trees were planted, fives years of fruitless trees and with flowers blooming they were at a loss. A news article crossed their path one afternoon addressing the lack of honey bees in the area which got them thinking. Just like any other bee-keeper they started with one hive, now East Tory Honey has over eighty. They pollinate the area for local farmers bridging the space between buds and fruit, because without the hard working bees there isn’t fruit and many other veggies.

We carry three types of nature’s amazing sweetener from East Troy Honey – their Wildflower, Basswood, and Buckwheat honeys. Wildflower honey – for those who don’t know – is just a way of of describing a collection of different types of flowers pollinated. It could be anything from blueberries, types veggies, apples, alfalfa – just about anything, but their mixed together to create a cohesive, tasty, put-in/on-just-about-anything kind of sweetness. We love to sub East Troy’s wildflower honey in for sugar in muffin recipes, added into those mid-winter teas, or drizzled on top of cheesecake. Their dark rich buckwheat honey is a prize, it’s deep flavor is nearly malty from a high concentration of methylbutanal – the same taste creators found in caramel malts. It’s sweetness is almost rose-like, it’s very mellow and a lot like molasses – it’s great in chocolate cookies, mixed into Greek yogurt, or in coffee. Basswood honey is deceptively strong in flavor, it’s nearly clear and light but has a strong lingering biting taste. Some see this as a sort of ‘spice’ but we love the richness, lots of floral notes – perfect for early gray tea, marinades, or a vinaigrette.

Give some local tasty honey a go with East Troy Honey – dedicated people and great wildflower and monofloral honeys. Want to get yourself some? Grab them off our shelves today. Love East Troy Honey? Want to share your journey into the depths of flavor? We’ve love to hear from you – leave a comment below.

  1. Stephanie Dariol - March 15, 2013

    I went in the store a few weeks ago and I was sorry to see that there wasn’t any honey. This last time I went in, I was SO happy to see that you were carrying this honey! It’s absolutely delicious! We use it in everything, from tea to baked goods. Please continue to carry top notch honey products in the future!

    • jake - March 15, 2013

      Sorry about that Stephaine, sometimes they fly off the shelf faster than we can keep it in. We’ve got it back in stock and ready to sweeten your day!


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