Dinner in Words – Meat Chips and Cream

  • July 29th, 2013
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We always try to put our spin on the things we do. From Gluten Free Cupcake Pancakes to our egg-in Savory Muffins to all parts of our menu. It’s pretty evident we try to have fun with the things we do too. Combine those two things and you end up where we landed with our Meat Chips and Cream.

meat chips

We took the expected, potato chips with a meat dip and put it on it’s head. It’s simple and fun to make at home too – just slice and dry salami, make the cream and blow your guests’ mind! Our’s starts by slicing Molinari Salame thin in the round and drying them in the oven for a ‘crisp’ all it’s own. As for the potato cream: potatoes are peeled and shredded then simmered in heavy cream and then blended to a dippable cream where chives are mixed in. The whole dish is rich and meaty, but not weighted – full of flavor and intrigue – and perfect to share.

Dip into something completely different for supper: Our Meat Chips and Cream.

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