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  • October 31st, 2013
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We’re pretty lucky to get great new items all the time from the folks at Stonewall Kitchen. They always keep things interesting and know how to pique our taste buds. So, without further delay, here is the newest from Stonewall, now on our shelves.

Stonewall NEW caramel sauce 02

First up: Espresso Dulce De Leche, it’s like spreading heaven on a scone. The condensed milk caramel sauce creates a deeply rich and buttery sweetness while the espresso lends a roasty bitterness that compliments perfectly. Heat up the sauce in the jar and add to brownies, top off a cheesecake or simply ice cream. For a quick dessert (or breakfast), spread inside of a folded over waffle and munch under a blanket on the couch.

Stonewall NEW Habernero Mango Aoili

Stonewall Kitchen’s Habanero Mango Aioli is a break from tradition, while most aiolis are garlic and mayo – this one is packed full of sweet fruity mangos paired with the fruity/strong-heat of habanero. Slather a stripe on tacos for a creamy punch-up, dress cabbage for a spark of heat, or heck just dunk stuff into the jar! We love to make up some fried fish and go to town – a spicy and stalwart dipping sauce.

Stonewall NEW Pancake Waffle

When it comes to bake mixes, Stonewall brings the funk – two hit our shelf recently: Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Apple. Want to make the kids a super-special breakfast? What could be better than chocolate chip stuffed pancakes, stacks of bacon, and scrambled eggs? Or simply add maple syrup to a Cinnamon Apple waffle for a food-driven vacation to fall flavor-land.


What would the impending holiday season be without cookies? Whip some up quick with Stonewall Kitchen’s cookie mixes; new to us are their Double Chocolate Mint, Lemon Cooler, and Sugar. Like a battering ram of chocolate and mint across an eager palate, the Double Chocolate crushes any hankering for chocolate – pairing a refreshing waft of mint to even things out and keep us munching. The Lemon Cooler cookies harken to childhood and create new traditions with a single bite, simple and wonderful in their elegance. For buttery, easily cut, and really yummy sugar cookies made at home – look no further than the mix from Stonewall. Pick your favorite sprinkles have the kids join and make an afternoon of it.

Check out these new items and more on our shelves, there is always something new and delicious!

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