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  • March 27th, 2014
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We’ve been close followers of Pirro’s since we picked them up last year. Now they’ve pushed out a couple of new pasta sauces that are as good if not better than previous renditions. So without further ado…


On the left, their Pesto Pomodoro takes heavy helpings of basil, olive oil and adds it to heaps of tomatoes – it’s a lighter pasta sauce that plays up the tomato and basil, and thanks to Pirro’s, it makes for a wonderful and fast dinner. Meat in a shelf-stable pasta sauce can be hard going, but through magic and sheer fortitude, they pull of one of the best Bolognese sauces we’ve ever had the opportunity to eat; it’s the perfect pairing to penne or shells, able to scoop up and hold gobs of this great sauce.

Pick up both of these new sauces or any of Pirro’s fantastic sauces, off our shelf today!

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