Lillie’s Q Dry Rubs – What Your Meats Been Asking For

  • April 29th, 2014
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We’ve been long standing fans of Lillie’s Q for a while now, and we were itching to get their dry rubs when finally the call came in. We picked up both and are happy to introduce our fans to new favorites.

Lillie Q Rubs (Made Over)

The Q-Rub is like casting your proteins into the darkest depths of the grill with magic in tow. Salt and black pepper pair with garlic in a simple but mystically powerful rub that just about makes anything it’s dashed on sheer perfection. Sprinkle a turkey leg or dash some pork chops and away you go. Lille’s Q dry Carolina Dirt is the best parts of their famous wet sauce, now dry; reminiscent of the red Carolina dirt it shares by name. The flavor is fantastic, easily the best on slow-cooked ribs or mellowing in a crockpot of pulled pork, it’s sweet and smokey and spicy – all playing up for a great meal. Go deep south and dash a bunch on french fries, like they suggest, you won’t regret it.

Pick up these two jars and make you next grill-session shine with a heavy helping of Lillie’s Q Dry Rubs!

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