BLiS BLAST Hot Sauce – Pour On A Heat Wave

  • May 27th, 2014
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Blis Blast Sauce-smOur fandom of BLiS’s goods has been longstanding – and their newest edition is no different.

For their Blast sauce, they’ve paired three powerful peppers with their ever-present barrels and added a touch of umami. It’s a nicely complex hot sauce that does the same wonderful things as many other hot sauces, but also finds it’s place at home in new fun places. It starts with three very different chili peppers: chipotle, arbol and cayenne – making for a depth heat. Once the base sauce is made, it’s not over, it is placed in barrels that have seen the likes of fine Kentucky bourbon for 20 years, BLiS’s maple syrup and Founder’s Imperial Stout, all of these make for a rich heritage of flavors to dance across the palate – vanilla, chocolate, maple, garlic, oak, and spice come wafting in tiers of deliciousness. Do yourself a favor a get a bottle and start shaking.

Get a bottle of this and a handful of other killer BLiS products right here, on our shelves. Have a grand idea for BliS’s Blast sauce? Put it in the comments below!

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