Thanksgiving Catering 2014

Thanksgiving Catering 2014

Worried about the cross look from Grandma about your choice of side this year? Bring something worth bragging about – catering from us! Here is the full menu to choose from.

Thanksgiving Dinner for 12

all food made from scratch; comes cooked, ready to heat & serve; heating instructions will be provided
apple salad III-v2

fresh roasted, all-natural Amish turkey

fresh herb challah bread stuffing
our red potato mash & gravy
green bean casserole
roasted butternut squash
cranberry grape sauce
1 maple pumpkin pie
1 rustic oatmeal apple pie


catering add-ons, if you need:

chop salad $32/small serves 6-10; $62/large serves 12-20
romaine, roasted root vegetables, broccoli, cucumber, radish, feta & parmesan crisps w/herb buttermilk dressing
apple salad $32/small serves 6-10; $64/large serves 12-20
apples, roasted & shaved brussel sprouts, pickled pumpkin, mixed greens, pecans au poirve & cider mustard dressing
fruit & cheese platter $40/small serves 12-16; $80 large serves 24-32
antipasto platter $45/small serves 8-12; $90 large serves 18-25

more from our bakery:

cupcakes chocolate or vanilla w/butter cream, red velvet w/goat cheese frosting $3.00 each
gluten free vanilla $3.25 each
dessert tray mini cookies & brownies; $22/small serves 12-15; $44/large serves 24-30
rustic oatmeal apple pie serves 6-8 $18
maple pumpkin pie serves 6-8 $12

our customer’s favorite ala cartes:

Red Potato Mash-wdie
fresh roasted, all-natural Amish turkey $175/ serves 12
gravy $12 quart/ serves 6
our red potato mash $25/small serves 12-15; $50/large serves 18-24
fresh herb challah bread stuffing $21/small serves 12-15; $42/large serves 18-24

Orders must be in by Sunday November 23rd
Pick-up: before 4 p.m. Wednesday, November 26th

  1. Beth Costello - October 29, 2014

    RE: Thanksgiving Meal

    Lisa – Is order for 12 the minimum? Beth 312.560.9669

    • jake - October 30, 2014

      Hey Beth,

      We do have ala carte options listed as well. If there is something you’ve got your eye on and it’s not listed, don’t hesitate to give us a call, we can make it work.


  2. Stefanie Tenenbaum - November 19, 2014


    I’d like to order a maple pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. How do I go about placeing my order? Do I need to call?

    Thank you!
    Stefanie Tenenbaum

    • jake - November 26, 2014

      Hey Stef – yes you would have needed to call. Thanks!


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