TCHO Chocolate Bars – The Squares Have It

TCHO Chocolate Bars – The Squares Have It
  • April 30th, 2015
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We have been carrying TCHO chocolate bars in their many forms for a very long time – and they always floor us with their attention to delicious detail. We now carry their larger format bars to satisfy our pangs for their cocoa prowess.

Our current lineup of their offerings are a good cross section of best chocolate available today. We carry two of their pairing bars: “TCHOtella,” which blends hazelnut butter with little nuggets of hazelnuts against a luscious milk chocolate background and the just-right amount of oomph from a pinch of sea salt & “Mocaccion,” which bridges the famous Blue Bottle Coffee with TCHO’s super-smooth Seriousmilk Chocolate. Don’t crave a splash of java in your bar? That’s cool, we carry SeriousMilk™ in it’s classic form, just amazingly designed milk chocolate with buttery caramel notes. For those dark chocolate lovers we carry 65% dark TCHO bar – aptly named PureNotes™ – with nice nutty notes, making for easy late-night nibbling.

Get your TCHO bar(s) right here from our shelves and taste why they’ve been a solid chocolate bar staple of ours for so long.

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